Mianyang Builds Six Platforms to Benefit Citizens Through Information

Mianyang News Network -- Implementing the project of benefiting citizens through information is not only an important strategic deployment of the country, but also an innovative practice of building a happy and beautiful Mianyang. Since Mianyang has been listed as one of the first batch of pilot cities to implement the strategy, the city has put E-commerce and ¡°Internet plus¡± as ¡°the number one project¡± for the development of the modern tertiary industry and endeavored to integrate modern information and Internet technology into various fields of people¡¯s livelihood. By building six smart platforms, Mianyang aims to improve the government¡¯s capabilities in public services and social administration, and to enhance people¡¯s sense of security and sense of happiness.

The platform for integrating administrative services aims to change the paradigm of citizens running errands themselves into the one ¡°information running errands¡±. Mianyang takes the initiative to establish the municipal Administrative Services Bureau in the province, providing parallel examination and approval and commission services. It has also constructed an integrated online platform, which covers three levels of administrative services centers, that is, the city level, the county and the township (street) level. It has also conducted effective matchmaking with provincial platforms. The city¡¯s matchmaking with the municipal cloud office system and the approval systems of each department has greatly improved efficiency of various services. Based on demographic information database and various sharing platforms, Mianyang has established a bank of personal electronic ID photos by using ID card number as the only way to identify personal information. Thus, a personal ID photo can be used for multiple times and mutual authentication once it is generated. At present, the platform has been connected to 18 databases of administrative departments, such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The platform for health information aims to improve public medical treatment. At present, 80% of the city¡¯s secondary medical institutions and above have built HIS, LIS, PACS and other systems to share electronic medical records and other information. Nine counties have established a demographic health information platform. Fucheng, Youxian, Santai, Jiangyou and Yanting have established their own data center. By building the multi-level information service platform at county and township level, Mianyang is now available for sharing electronic medical records, cross-regional, cross-departmental and remote medical assistance diagnosis, review, follow-up and other medical services. The residential health card ¡°Mianzhou Pass¡± is a specific application of ¡°one-card¡± in the field of benefiting the mass through medical care. Currently, 5.39 million residential health cards have been distributed, making Mianyang the only prefecture-level city which ensures cards are distributed to every citizen.

The platform for education information sharing aims to promote the balanced development of education resources. Mianyang has primarily built a cloud platform for education resources and managing public services, and a service system for lifelong learning. So far, all primary and secondary schools in Mianyang have access to education metropolitan area network. High quality education resources are all available for schools in urban and rural areas, thus realizing the sharing of education and teacher resources in rural and urban areas, and improving the quality of education and teaching.

The platform for video monitoring resources aims to innovate social governance system. Mianyang has integrated the established traffic, urban management and the Tianwang video monitoring system to support the inter-connectivity of the operation and maintenance monitoring system for public transportation, rental and passenger vehicles, and the municipal public security platform and the 110 Emergency Response System. 380 million yuan has been invested in video monitoring infrastructure in recent years, covering seven counties of Mianyang and the main traffic arteries and key areas which connect the main districts of the city. Now video monitoring infrastructure is available for intercity boundary, county boundary, entrances and exits of the main districts, security accesses of the main traffic joints. Together with the video monitoring system, they have formed a three-layer public security prevention and control circle which covers cities, counties and city propers, providing strong support for crime prevention and control of public security, and urban management of Mianyang.

The platform for comprehensive community management services aims to improve people¡¯s happiness index. There are 534 urban communities in our city, of which 514 have completed the construction of community service stations, and 352 have completed the construction of one-stop service halls. Based on the cloud system, the Tianwang video monitoring system and one card, four levels of grids have been divided, thus building community-grid-based smart communities which will gradually provide various service functions, such as digital communities, E-government, public query and so on. Now Mianyang has established a service system to improve people¡¯s livelihood, which provides communities with smart security, smart medical care and smart education.

In addition, our city also opened the ¡°12349 family endowment service information platform¡± in 2016. Through information-based and intelligence-based management system and the positioning function, the platform has integrated the information of the elderly and service-oriented organizations which provide offline services, such as endowment, catering, housekeeping. Thus, the elderly have access to services in daily living, health care, assistance-seeking, health consultation and other aspects. At present, the platform is available for 120,000 elderly citizens and is expected to be available for 500,000 by 2020. Mianyang will next continue to give full play to the advantages of being China Science and Technology City, comprehensively improve the government¡¯s capabilities in public services and social administration, and enhance people¡¯s sense of security and sense of happiness.

(Reporters from Mianyang Daily: Liang Jia and Peng Xue)