Mianyang¡¯s Efforts in Winning "Three Battles" of Pollution Prevention and Control

Dispatch of Mianyang News. In recent years, our city has strengthened its efforts in controlling water, gas and soil pollution, earnestly fought in ¡°three battles¡± of pollution and control, strengthened environmental supervision, improved city ecology, improved the environmental quality at full stretch, and explored a long-term mechanism of ecological construction, for which the environment of the city has been gradually improved with bluer sky, greener land and clearer water. Citizens praise that, the environment has become so beautiful and comfortable.  

Clear water is attributed to joint efforts. In recent years, our city adheres to addressing both the symptoms and root cause with protection and improvement of water environmental quality as the core. A new mechanism of water pollution prevention control characterized by ¡°led by government, implemented by enterprises, and driven by market with public participation¡± has been promoted and formed with a focus on control and protection of water environment of the six main rivers including the Fujiang River, the Anchang River, the Furong Stream, the Zijiang River, the Kaijiang River and the Tongkou River. While enforcing laws strictly, and conducting examination and accountability, we establish, improve, implement prevention and control of water pollution by ¡°strictly preventing from the source, managing processes and punishing severely consequences¡±, and positively perfect the ecological compensation mechanism of water environment and the withholding mechanism of water quality section exceeding, providing guarantee for sound water environment in Mianyang.

In this year, our city fully launched ¡°river leader¡± system of main rivers and lakes. Over the city, river leaders had been set up for 760 rivers and 1,014 lakes. Over 1,000 ¡°river leaders¡± and ¡°river inspectors¡± at all levels treat rivers by means of equal focus on construction and management, multistage linkage and joint guarding by all parties, effectively changing refuse accumulation, sewage discharge and river channel sedimentation. Preliminary achievements have been made in part river channels.

In order to protect good environment, our city is strict with access of energy conservation and environmental protection, accelerates improvement of regional economic layout, conducts grade management and control according to prevention, treatment, management and control areas of air pollution defined by the province, expands the applicable area of pollution emission limit, strengthens index constraint of energy conservation and environmental protection, strictly implements controlling system of total pollutant emission amount and makes the total emission amount index of main pollutant including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, industrial smoke and dust and volatile organic compound as the precondition for environmental impact evaluation and approval construction projects. Dust pollution on construction site, roads and storage yard is strictly controlled, and burning straw is prohibited. Meanwhile, we rate the air quality in counties and cities, and strengthen our efforts in supervision and accountability, ensuring that the air quality in our city has been obviously improved.

According to the environment air quality report in the first half of this year, effective monitoring on environment air quality in downtown lasts for 180 days, in 137 days of which, air quality met standards with the quality standard rate of 76.1%.  

In order to control soil pollution, guarantee agricultural product quality and living environmental safety, our city formulated Mianyang Working Scheme of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Plan to fully improve soil quality by taking many measures. Meanwhile, we have launched model projects of soil pollution controlling and repair, conducted routine monitoring on soil environmental quality focusing on arable land, the periphery of centralized potable water resource of counties, and key polluting enterprises, and gradually established a monitoring system of soil environmental quality. We make full investigation into industrial enterprises, enterprises persistently emitting organic pollution, key industrial parks, tailing pond, informal refuse landfill, enterprises of hazardous waste treatment and historical remaining sites and formulate a list of key soil risk sources. (Omnimedia reporter of Mianyang Daily, Li Jinhui)