Mianyang City Actively Managing Masses¡¯ Complaint Report Letters Transferred by Central Environmental Protection Inspector

In the early morning on Aug. 26, our city received 21 report acceptance cases transferred by the 19th Batch of Central Environmental Protection Inspector, of which 3 are key cases including: ¡°1. Several chimneys of Chuanlin Chemical Company at Group 6, Baohua Village, Heqing Town, Anzhou District, Mianyang City are flaming every day, with billowing smoke rising, chemical industrial wastewater directly discharged to the riverbed, penetrating underground; thus deleterious wastewater and exhaust gas cause increase of serious disease and weird disease torturing surrounding residents, and animals, plants and crops are damaged. 2. Mianyang Tianjie New Energy Co., Ltd., founded without approval, has carried out production by greatly purchasing mineral oil since June 2015, and stopped production in the middle of June 2017. The factory area of the company is only dozens of meters straightly to important rivers. Although the EIA requires that the raw materials must be minus line oil, the company actually adopted waste mineral oil and a large amount of sulphuric acid, with serious air and waste pollution during the production. To shirk responsibility, Mianyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and Anzhou District Environmental Protection Bureau temporarily issued Waste Mineral Oil Collection Certificate to the company which has illegally purchased waste mineral oil from Chongqing Alfa Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for a long term, verified by direction of self-prepared freight vehicles. On Aug. 8, 2017, Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Department published the licensed publicity of Mianyang Tianjie which appeared in the publicity area on the official website of Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Department after the completion of publicity term instead of in the publicity term. 3. The sanding field at Group 6 and the sand-washing field at Group 8, Yongming Village, Yongming Town, Santai County, Mianyang City operate without license as no EIA and other legal procedures have been obtained, and illegally mined sandstone resources of about 500,000m3 of the state, seriously damaging local ecological environment. Currently, there are also sandstones of 350,000m3 piled on the farmland without any cover, causing dusts blown over the sky on sunny and windy days. 2 sandstone fields have been operating for 24h, with untreated wastewater and sewage directly discharged in Fujiang River Level-1 Water Functional Reserve and noises fazing civilians.¡± Via analysis, discussion and judgment, all report acceptance cases have been respectively in accordance with procedures transferred to Fucheng District, Youxian District, Anzhou District, Jiangyou District, Santai County, Zitong County, Yanting County, Gaoxin District, Economic Development Zone, Municipal City Administrative Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, and Municipal Public Security Bureau for investigation and treatment.  

As of 12:00 on Aug. 16, our city has received 202 report acceptance cases (49 key cases), of which 102 (30 key cases) have been settled and reported to the higher institution; 12 (3 key cases) with materials in examination for approval; 88 (16 key cases) in progress. 34 cases with 106 persons have been claimed for responsibility, of which 6 persons have been treated by party disciplinary measures, 2 punished by organizational process, 34 reported, and 64 admonished.

(Work Propaganda Report Team of Municipal Leading Group to Welcome Inspection)