Mianyang Works Hard to Promote the Construction of Eco-Environment Protection Project Safeguard Blue Sky and Clear Water

"The 13th five-year (a national development period which spans from 2016 to 2020)¡± marks a crucial period to speed up the construction of Mianyang as China¡¯s Sci-Tech City and a happy and beautiful city. Therefore, Mianyang gives high priority to ecological environmental protection by unswervingly following the path of ¡°ecology first and green development¡±, devoting great efforts to the construction of eco-environment protection project and environmental pollution treatment so as to improve the ecological environment and safeguard blue sky and clean water. The water quality auto-monitoring station for Fujiang urban drinking water source was put into service early this year. The station, with a total investment of 5 million yuan and a usable area of 200 square meters, takes online and real-time supervision on 38 indexes of water quality in the Fujiang River Basin from different perspectives and dimensions and simultaneously transmits these data to the Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center for analysis. The monitoring system will ring the alarm automatically when abnormal index occurs. This is an epitome of Mianyang¡¯s implementation in constructing ecologically environmental protection project. Recently, Mianyang has issued Mianyang¡¯s Work Program for ¡°Project Year¡± of 2017. According to the Program, we should start the implementation of a three-year action plan for the infrastructure construction of urban sewage treatment and urban and rural garbage disposal, proactively promote some projects, including the pilot projects of incineration-power generation of household rubbish undertaken by China Sciences Group in Mianyang and the resource utilization and innocent treatment of kitchen wastes, the project of Qixing Dam urban domestic sewage treatment and actively push forward the successful implementation of the facilities construction for sewage and garbage disposal, including rural sewage disposal. We should accelerate the construction of water pollution control project in key areas focusing on the Fujiang River, the Anchang River and their tributaries with severe contamination; we should advance the technical reform of energy conservation and carbon reduction of key enterprises, carry out major energy saving and emission reduction projects, including the urban energy-saving demonstration project, the project for comprehensively improving the efficiency of coal-fired boiler in energy conservation and environment protection and the project for reducing coal consumption with alternate energy sources; we should expedite the comprehensive utilization of straw; we should conduct the pilot demonstration project of soil pollution control and remediation in key areas. In recent years, Mianyang, centering on sewage treatment and pollution control and haze reduction, has innovated management mode, perfected regulation measures, strengthened scientific research and supervised the accomplishment of pollution control and haze reduction tasks. We will mainly supervise and punish backward units that lack of measures. Meanwhile, we will make sure the early realization of full coverage of rural sewage disposal facilities in Mianyang by picking up the speed of construction and modification and implementing ¡°four major water environment prevention and treatment projects¡±, including the project for renovating substandard water, the quality water protection project, the construction project of water pollution control facilities and the drinking water safety guarantee project. We have made great progress in such aspects as institution setting, software and hardware construction, operation and maintenance management, information disclosure, training and study and funding thanks to constantly consolidating the operation management of automatic monitored control system of enterprises closely monitored by the country, which has offered powerful means and reliable guarantee for further monitoring key state-controlled pollution source. In terms of the performance evaluation, organized by the Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau several days ago, on the operating maintenance of the monitoring platform of key state-controlled pollution source, Mianyang ranked the third among 21 cities and prefectures, only after Chengdu and Meishan, and was fully recognized by the assessment group.