Mianyang Confirms the Five Years from 2017 to 2021 as "the Crucial Period of Environmental Protection"

Environmental quality is the theme of environmental protection as well as the basic requirement of safeguarding people¡¯s livelihood. Our reporters recently learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that Mianyang will firmly launch the ¡°three major battles¡± against air, water and soil pollution and confirm the five years from 2017 to 2021 as ¡°the crucial period of environmental protection¡±. We will uncompromisingly declare the war against pollution with to continuously improve the quality of ecological environment.

The Five-Year Environmental Protection Plan Fearlessly Declares War against the Environmental Pollution

In recent years, Mianyang has been sticking to the green development philosophy and has always viewed the concept of "green mountains and clear water are as good as mountains of gold and silver¡± as its work orientation. We work hard to look for the balance point between industrial development and ecological protection, constantly devote greater efforts to protecting the environment and spare no effort to promote the environmental protection so as to address regional prominent environmental problems. The ¡°three major battles¡± against pollution will show Mianyang¡¯s practice in green development. In terms of air pollution prevention, Mianyang mainly takes five major control measures to reduce pollutants discharge with scientific management. We will highlight the coordinated prevention and control over air pollution in Jiancheng and Anzhou Districts in Mianyang, Jiangyou City and Santai County, take structural adjustment as an important measure to reduce pollutants discharge and structural emission in key areas of industry, energy and transportation. Meanwhile, we will speed up industrial restructuring and fully ban coal mining. We will not increase any productivity of steel so as to raise the use ratio of clean energy. We will do all we can to realize the following goals: (1) By the end of 2017, Zhitong County, Yanting County and Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County have qualified quality of atmospheric environment. (2) By 2020, the urban area has qualified quality of atmospheric environment and its qualified rate of fine air days surpass 85.5%. (3) By 2022, Anzhou District, Jiangyou City and Santai County has qualified quality of atmospheric environment.

As for water pollution control, we will reinforce the water pollution control in major drainage basin and adopt an integrated pollution control program in the whole basin. With drainage basin and county (city and district) along the drainage basin as prevention unit, we will uphold a holistic and systematic prevention, implement water pollution control in an all-round way and especially lay stress on the treatment of water with severe contamination and the good water protection. Furthermore, we will fully complete the comprehensive improvement of such small watersheds as Furong Brook, Anchang River, Ganhezi, Zitong River, Luban Lake, Kaijiang River and Weiliu River, and basically eliminate the black and odorous water body in the build-up area of Mianyang. By 2020, we will basically wipe out Class ¢õ water or below and maintain the water quality of existing rivers that reach the standard at Class ¢ó or above; we will continuously improve the safety level of drinking water, making the qualified rate of the drinking water source at county level or above increase to 100 percent and the qualified rate of rural centralized drinking water resource raise to 92 percent.

As for soil pollution prevention, we will proactively carry out the action of soil environment monitoring and early warning construction, implement specific investigation over soil pollution and further find out soil environmental quality. We will get straight the influence of the area and distribution of farmland soil pollution across the city on agricultural products by the end of 2018; in 2020, we will be able to know well the polluted land distribution of enterprises in key industries as well as environmental risks. At the same time, we will establish a basic database of soil environment of Mianyang and a sharing mechanism to dynamically monitor soil environmental quality. By 2020, the worsening tend of soil pollution of Mianyang will be preliminarily curbed, the soil environmental quality will remain stable as a whole, the soil environmental safety of farmland and construction land will be basically guaranteed and the soil environmental risks will be controlled by and large. The safe use ratio of polluted fields will amount to 94 percent and the safe utilization ratio of polluted land will reach 90 percent.

Strengthen Safeguard Measures to Drive Pollution Prevention

Innovate working mechanism. In order to win the ¡°three major battles¡± against environmental pollution, Mianyang fulfills its responsibilities by degrees, including establishing a leading group of ¡°three major battles¡± against air, water and soil pollution, building a joint conference system to prevent air, water and soil pollution, perfecting regional coordinated prevention and control mechanism of air pollution prevention, promoting the implementation of ¡°river chief system¡± for basin water pollution prevention, pushing forward the establishment and implementation of municipal water pollution prevention regulations and establishing and carrying out the partitioned control mechanism of soil pollution prevention.

Guarantee investment. We will improve the market-based mechanism of environmental pollution prevention and encourage various investors to enter environmental pollution prevention market to participate in environmental prevention in different modes, such as Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and Third-Party Governance. We will optimize the return subsidy mechanism and the risk compensation mechanism of social funding. Besides, we will increase public finance investment and perfect the ecological compensation mechanism of water environment and the money withholding mechanism for standard-exceeding of water quality in Fujiang River Basin with a view to forming such a mechanism that can ensure the steady growth of investment for environmental pollution prevention. What¡¯s more, we will strengthen our policy measures of ¡°promoting prevention with rewards¡±, ¡°boosting treatment with rewards¡± and ¡°substituting subsides with rewards¡±, advancing the governance over key areas (drainage basin), key industries (fields) and major projects.

Rely on scientific and technological breakthroughs. We will consolidate the technical research and development of environmental pollution, technology integration and the popularization and application of these technologies, enhance smart environmental protection construction, give full play to the main role of enterprise innovation and conduct a group of advanced and innovative environmental protection technologies and technology demonstration projects. In addition, we will make scientific environmental pollution prevention program and the technical proposal of engineering project and accelerate the formulation of a program for urban air quality to reach the standard within a definite time, a program for basin water pollution prevention with one policy for one river and a recovery program for soil pollution prevention in key areas.

Strengthen the system of evaluation and reward and punishment. We will investigate and affix the responsibility of areas that fail to promote their work, control the environmental pollution or finish their aims and tasks according to relevant regulations.